Pitdinnie Road, Cairneyhill

Geddes secured Planning Permission in Principle (PPP) for 100 homes on this site, in 2016, to the north of Cairneyhill. The site is the first phase of a larger development which, through Geddes’ promotion to the Council, is now allocated in the Council’s adopted LDP. Flooding affecting existing residents in the settlement was identified as a key issue from the beginning. All technical work was reviewed by Geddes to ensure that a fully coordinated submission was made to the Council.

After obtaining PPP approval, Geddes went on to demonstrate to the Council that the detailed proposals were compliant,  securing Approval of Matters Specified in Conditions (AMSC). Construction began on site in 2017.

  • Secured Planning Permission for 100 homes and the potential for future expansion via an allocation in the adopted LDP
  • Ensured and demonstrated that the client’s detailed proposals were in accord with Council requirements, securing AMSC approval
  • Provided mitigation solutions which remedy existing flooding problems in the settlement
Masterplan for the site
The site is located on the northern edge of Cairneyhill
Illustrative view from a node within the site
New homes under construction on site