Environmental Impact Assessment

We undertake environmental impact assessments from requesting a Screening Opinion to project managing the multi-disciplinary project team appointed to assess the impacts.

All work is produced to a standard template, allowing the completed Environmental Assessment to read as a single document.

We review all technical work produced to ensure that the mitigation required can be delivered post planning approval. This review process also ensures that the impact assessments accord with an evolving proposal and that the proposal also has incorporated all mitigation measures.

Projects assessed include large scale urban expansions, windfarms and smaller developments in sensitive locations.

  • Fully co-ordinated Environmental Assessment delivered
  • Our process ensures all mitigation measures can be delivered
  • Mitigation measures are the evidence adopted to justify compliance with planning policy
Assessing the landscape and visual impact before and after planting has established
Our EIAs provide a complete assessment package
A number of assessments are prepared for the site
Assessing the site and its context at Halbeath