Caldwell House – Consultation Feedback Questionnaire

Caldwell House – Consultation Feedback Questionnaire

We welcome your feedback on the Presentation and its content. Please use the Feedback Questionnaire below to submit your comments no later than 21 days after the public event.

If you would prefer, you can download a pdf version of this feedback form here.

The feedback we receive will not be attributed to any individual person.

This Virtual Consultation Event for the public is the first of two events.

This public event only presents information about the reasons to restore Caldwell House; Gamekeeper’s House; and the estate. It explains the concept of a retirement village and clarifies how it will impact on local services in neighbouring communities.

It highlights why and how the enabling development funds the restoration costs which are greater than the income from the sale of the restored buildings. It lists the surveys and analysis which is ongoing to finalise the proposal and identifies the possible areas for development in terms of their sensitivity and sequence of development.

Finally, it sets out the next steps which will lead to the second public event at which the actual proposals will be known and presented.

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1. How useful have you found this Online Consultation?

2. Even although the site is in the Green Belt, the Council is seeking the restoration and re-use of Caldwell House and the Gamekeeper’s House because they are important listed buildings and it is known that enabling development is necessary Do you consider that the re-use of these buildings as part of a retirement village is an acceptable re-use?

3. Did you find the information explaining the concept of a retirement village, and its impact on local services helpful? Do you require further information about any particular issue to be available at our next consultation event? If so, please advise.

4. Caldwell House is located within its own landscape setting. Do you think that the estate should be restored too? If so, should it be to support biodiversity; recreation or another purpose?

5. The Council supports the principle of enabling development to fund the restoration of the Listed Buildings and the surrounding estate. Do you agree with this means of funding the restoration?

6. The proposals for the retirement village will have some impacts on the surrounding trees and site’s ecology and require to improve the access from the Gleniffer Road. What other matters do you consider need to be examined and addressed?

7. Do you agree that the enabling development should be located on the least sensitive sites first (including those recommended by the Council) before considering further areas for development to support the restoration?

8. Are there any areas within the site as presented on Board 12 which should not be considered for potential development? If so, why?

9. Do you think the establishment of the retirement village will provide benefits for the surrounding services and amenities in Uplawmoor; Nielston and Barrhead? If so, why?

10. Please outline what you like or dislike about the emerging proposal. Do you have any other comments; requests for further information at the next public event or suggestions you would like to make?




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