Cairneyhill Phase 2, Consultation Questionnaire

Cairneyhill Phase 2 – Consultation Feedback Questionnaire

We welcome your feedback on the Presentation and its content. Please use the Feedback Questionnaire below to submit your comments until 13th July 2023.

If you prefer, you can download the questionnaire here

The feedback we receive will not be attributed to any individual person.

This public event only presents information about the proposed development at Cairneyhill Phase 2.

It lists the surveys and analysis which is ongoing to finalise the proposal.

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    All answers are optional.

    1. The proposal presented to you today has been revised to reflect your feedback following the first public event. This includes the cretion of a landscape corridor which will run through the middle of the proposal. This landscape corridor also includes the identification of a possible play area.

    What changes, if any, would you suggest should be incorporated into the final proposal? Please state the elements you would like to change and provide a brief explanation for these changes.

    2. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

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